Baltimore Orioles could be trade partners with the Cleveland Indians

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Men’s Cleveland Indians Carlos Santana Majestic White 2017 Postseason Flex Base Player Jersey

Cleveland Indians Jerseys One of the most interesting Baltimore Orioles trade ideas I’ve heard a few times on MLB Radio concerns sending Manny Machado to the Cleveland Indians.

This idea has merit, for both the Orioles and the Indians.

The Indians were one inning away from winning the World Series in 2016. They were extremely close to getting into it in 2017, too. For a smaller market team like the Indians, it isn’t every year that the team is actually World Series ready. And, if the Indians added Manny Machado, they could be, especially considering they don’t have much time left with several of their star players.

Of course, sending Machado anywhere will be a difficult thing to do, but the Indians have something that the Orioles need: pitching.

And, even better, the Indians do not spend much on any position players or pitchers, so their pitchers are affordable. And, they have several pitchers who are under team control, like Danny Salazar and Cody Anderson. Orioles fans would be quite happy with pitchers from the Indians system.
As an avid listener, I have heard the idea of an Indians-Orioles trade several times on MLB Radio over the past few weeks. And, every time, it sounds better.
Danny Salazar would be a great addition to the Orioles. The 28-year-old pitcher has a career ERA of 3.82. Yes, an ERA under 4.00. He has spent time recently on the DL with issues relating to right shoulder soreness. He only pitched 103 innings in 2017, but he still kept his ERA and WHIP under control. He’s only in his first year of arbitration, making him controllable for three more years.

Cody Anderson has not yet entered arbitration and custom Carlos Santana Jerseys has only two years in the MLB. He has 152 innings at the Major League level and a career ERA of 4.50 with a WHIP of 1.309. He was significantly better in 2016 than 2017, but he is still good enough to be a part of the Indians pitching squad. He’s got four pitches that range in velocity from 95 MPH to 82 MPH. His changeup is his putaway pitch and the majority of his pitches, when put into play, are routine for defensive players to field.